Printing artwork …

This is one of the many to come on this topic… I got back to art after a very long gap owing to a long and stretchy coroporate career (at least that’s my excuse 🤫) I got back partly because of friend who liked my doodles and encouraged me to pursue it and also partly because I got onto social media … the challenge , the creativity is intimidating and motivating all at the same time .. it took sometime to find my space and create what I enjoyed creating .. so here is one of my fav creations printed on woodblock by digital printing technique. I’m exploring printing on silk and linen fabrics.

Even the modest piece of work can be made impactful just by tweaking the way it’s rendered… otherwise Warhol wouldn’t be Warhol isn’t it ☺️

Impact through grouping , impact through medium or impact through light ..or a combination .. I will explore some of this in my future posts. Simple trick is to imagine your being featured in a magazine, centerfoil and all 😊 to put an extra effort into making what you possess more impactful (pssst.. you don’t have to wait for a magazine to come calling there is always social media ☺️)

I will post some parts of my home were rendering is homogenous and the others were we have played with proportions. It’s very enjoyable to move past every part of your house and feel a small sense of accomplishment.. I totally encourage you to try !!

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