Dress your Vase

I’m sure I’m not the first one to dress a vase 😄 in fact my first exposure to it was some 9 years ago when I started buying @O-home magazine and nate Berkus book I bought.

Before I jump on to the relevant topic itself I just want to make an observation that diy doesn’t have to be a big do over; many times it’s bringing the small things together that you don’t find help for particularly in a labor expensive country. As I have mentioned before I like to change almost everything after I acquire it; I’m desperate for uniqueness (don’t ask me why 😶).

In this case I saw this vase first and did not buy it. Guess it was lingering in my subconscious mind. But when I came across these pendants the light bulb 💡 happened. From the time I put in its spot I have added few more things to that place 🤓. All it took was three items to make this beautiful set up.

Don’t hesitate when you see a potential after all whats the worse that could happen!! Some of these pendants desperately make me want to go on a curio quest 😌