Driftwood Cuties ❤️💜🧡💛


The trial..


The finished 👉🏼





Sometimes you have a longing for pieces that have the lived in weathered look a.k.a vintage I guess !! This particular case is another simple diy I have attempted using drift wood , suede chords , seed beads, shells and vintage coins . It all started with looking for a pen stand for a beautiful calligraphy pen that was gift. I could never put this pen out because any stand I tried hid some part of its beauty I wanted something that will the pen up like your holding it between your index and thumb.

Voila the idea came to use the drift wood I had purchased to make bottle caps for my whiskeybottle art project. The pen stand came together with three pieces of drIft wood , wood glue , suede chords and beads. As it was my first one , the trial attempt to the assembly translated a little differently but incredibly beautiful. Just FYI the trial I did using rubber bands to get the angle I wanted so that I can rest the pen. The reason I’m being defensive 😄 is because in the trial every portion of the pen was visible , but while sticking them a slight angle change resulted in the pen resting position changing..  but hey it stands, it looks gorgeous and the intricate working on the pen is visible.

With one attempt I got carried away and put out a few more for a spot in the house that was begging for some additions☺️ Now you can see the pictures to the get the idea. The entire project at the most would have cost me 25-30$. For one of the pieces I used a skinny scarf I had gotten from charming Charlie , I have a few of these and they are my absolute fav over white shirts. Their simple glass seabead border makes them versatile. So I donated of the scarves for this project 😉