Driftwood Cuties ❤️💜🧡💛


The trial..


The finished 👉🏼





Sometimes you have a longing for pieces that have the lived in weathered look a.k.a vintage I guess !! This particular case is another simple diy I have attempted using drift wood , suede chords , seed beads, shells and vintage coins . It all started with looking for a pen stand for a beautiful calligraphy pen that was gift. I could never put this pen out because any stand I tried hid some part of its beauty I wanted something that will the pen up like your holding it between your index and thumb.

Voila the idea came to use the drift wood I had purchased to make bottle caps for my whiskeybottle art project. The pen stand came together with three pieces of drIft wood , wood glue , suede chords and beads. As it was my first one , the trial attempt to the assembly translated a little differently but incredibly beautiful. Just FYI the trial I did using rubber bands to get the angle I wanted so that I can rest the pen. The reason I’m being defensive 😄 is because in the trial every portion of the pen was visible , but while sticking them a slight angle change resulted in the pen resting position changing..  but hey it stands, it looks gorgeous and the intricate working on the pen is visible.

With one attempt I got carried away and put out a few more for a spot in the house that was begging for some additions☺️ Now you can see the pictures to the get the idea. The entire project at the most would have cost me 25-30$. For one of the pieces I used a skinny scarf I had gotten from charming Charlie , I have a few of these and they are my absolute fav over white shirts. Their simple glass seabead border makes them versatile. So I donated of the scarves for this project 😉





Dress your Vase

I’m sure I’m not the first one to dress a vase 😄 in fact my first exposure to it was some 9 years ago when I started buying @O-home magazine and nate Berkus book I bought.

Before I jump on to the relevant topic itself I just want to make an observation that diy doesn’t have to be a big do over; many times it’s bringing the small things together that you don’t find help for particularly in a labor expensive country. As I have mentioned before I like to change almost everything after I acquire it; I’m desperate for uniqueness (don’t ask me why 😶).

In this case I saw this vase first and did not buy it. Guess it was lingering in my subconscious mind. But when I came across these pendants the light bulb 💡 happened. From the time I put in its spot I have added few more things to that place 🤓. All it took was three items to make this beautiful set up.

Don’t hesitate when you see a potential after all whats the worse that could happen!! Some of these pendants desperately make me want to go on a curio quest 😌

My Turmeric Home

As this is my first ever blog post I’m putting in some background before i jump to the topic.

My design / decor style has evolved over the years ,  from the time I made my first salary I had an yearning for beautiful well put together home of my own. Back when I had just started making money I used buy inside ‘ outside magazines off of the street corner used book stores and make cut outs of features I would want.

Over the years I have read countless design magazines pouring over hours on them like I had a project to crack ☺️

Even with all that reading it took many trial and errors before I could settle for my personal style ( I still wonder if I have a personal style) I have several moods and several change of ideas and quickly wear out of a setting , design or piece.

Earlier on my tastes used to fluctuate with what I knew growing up Kerala, chettinad, Jaipur .. with more exposure the impact of other styles also influenced my aesthetics -regency, Hollywood glam, industrial, rustic, Art Deco .. I’m still out on mid century .

But its often hard to figure how to blend these , if it’s right to blend at all and how to maintain a harmony. I’m not too much of a minimalist nor a boho .. but I love seed beads and restoration hardware all the same ☺️ So you see the fix I’m in .

When I moved first I brought a lot of indian decor items with me… the madhubhanis the kalamkaris the tanjores. My husband started to complain ‘‘twas an overload .. so I started to mix in.. then I felt I had too much .. I cut down.. when I say cut down it’s not like I cleaned out 🤨I just figured how to make it cohesive, harmonious..  I guess many of you may experience this dilemma (fingers 🤞 crossed).

This whole dilemma was behind the color decision  when we wanted to upgrade our cream walls that come default in suburban homes. When you become a new homeowner you are often told to make investments that have a direct payoff. So color for all practical purposes is advised. So one had to rally support to move in the other direction.. I had collected several ads of Royale paint, one of which had a vintage home with beautiful dark wood work and an all out turmeric wall, that served as the inspiration but we had to make this work for a suburban American single family home.. so we decided to mix a combination that will still let me have enough turmeric yellow. Silver gray , turmeric yellow and chocolate brown it was eventually !!

The longest running wall connecting the kitchen and family room was turmeric yellow. It shines so  beautifully when the sun hits the room, and more or less feels warm in all kinds of weather😄 . The rest of the house is finished with the silver gray, with brown for accent. The ceilings we settled for a bright white to avoid further color clashes.

In future posts I will tell you the furniture selection which had more mistakes before we finally got it right 😉

have a fantastic week ahead.. see you soon.